Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Blackberry Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

Running into trouble connecting to a Bluetooth device or Bluetooth-enabled car kit while using a BlackBerry 10 smartphone? Here are a few tips that might help you out!

Bluetooth Issue

If you have set a password on your smartphone, in order to set your smartphone to Discover-able you will need to enter your device password when prompted.

If your Bluetooth-enabled device requires a passkey and you don’t know what the passkey is, check the documentation that came with your device. Sometimes the passkey is set to 0000 until you change it, so if you don’t know what the passkey is, try 0000 first.
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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Blackberry Keyboard Shortcut

Have you know that BlackBerry 10 with OS 10.3.1 has the ability to create shortcuts custom keyboard? This features extremely can helping you to complete a lot of variety actions just by briefly pressing and holding a single key only.

As an example, you can opens a BBM conversation with a single Key Action on your keyboard or specific contact, maybe your significant other, or create a shortcut that opens a frequently used apps that you wanted to be open.

Kindly follow the steps below to review and customize your keyboard shortcuts to maximize your productivity whenever you are using your device.

Create a new, or edit an existing keyboard shortcut :

By System default your device includes a variety of shortcuts that I’ve listed at the end of this post but you can create your own shortcuts, or customize existing shortcuts.

1. Swipe Down from top of the Menu
2. Tap Settings followed by Shortcuts and Speed Dial

3. To create a new shortcut for a unassigned key, tap the key.
4. To Edit Press Edit Shortcut

5. To Open Application using the Keyboard Shortcut , Tap App Launch Shortcut

6. To compose a message using the keyboard shortcut, tap Quick Compose Shortcut

7. To add another type of action to the keyboard shortcut, such as composing a new note or task, locking your device, or switch notification modes, tap Other Shortcut

Deleting a keyboard shortcut

1. On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
2. Tap Settings followed by Shortcuts and Speed Dial
3. Tap and hold an existing keyboard shortcut
4. Tap Delete

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lapdock Laptop From Blackberry

This concept revealed by one of the website. There are saying that Blackberry has design a Blackberry Laptop equip with Blackberry 10 OS. This laptop called M1 Fuse. On that website this laptop named Lapdock. The device that has ability as mobile and computerism.
This lapdock has NFC, Blutooth, Miracasat and Wifi Direct features also wireless charging dock. Powered by 15 Inch Screen as an usual notebook on the market.
Interesting thing on this lapdock pretty much. If you put your Blackberry 10 Smartphones to the track pad that common laptop has, then your Blackberry 10 will be functioning as a Track pad for the lapdock.

The other thing is a Blue Led Indicator. This Indicator set as a notification if you received a new mail, messages or others that assigned to the Lapdock, and the colour changing based on the setting by the user.


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Blackberry 10 USB OTG

What a wonderful day to share useful tips for your Blackberry Smartphones. And today I am going to share an experience on how to make your Blackberry 10 using USB on the Go.
An ability to access file from flash disk on Blackberry 10 is doing on Blackberry Z30. The tools that you need to do this are USB OTG. 
Make sure your adapter cable has a OTG function not as an power source. Then follow these steps:
  • Connect the USB cable to your Blackberry Smartphone
  • Plug the USB Drive in
  • There will be a notification pop up on the screen saying that your USB connected
  • Open file manager, scroll down and you will see USB device as and optional
  • Press USB to have your file accessed
  • Pretty easy isn’t it. Just try
USB Cable

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Friday, June 20, 2014

How to Change BBM Wallpaper on BB10

Wallpaper BBM Chat Changing on BB 10

BBM Update has been released before. And on that new version has given an improvement on the way it works and BBM Protected. One of it is that we are able to change the chatting background on BBM Application.
There are 4 choice of the colour that we could choose for this background from App world. So for you who has been bored with the black colour background, you can definitely change it to another colour, which make it fresh and nice to look at. Find the way to do it here:
BBM Wallpaper Changing on BBM10
  • -       Run the BBM Application, go to menu
  • -       Open BBM Shop and scroll down
  • -       Choose the colour that you wanted
  • -       Click set

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Testing Blackberry Hardware

Have you heard Blackberry Virtual Expert ? This application is used to tested Hardware on your Blackberry Smartphone specially Keyboard, Screen and Audio. it will be look like previous Hardware test on previous Blackberry Operating System.

For more details on this Application, Let go have a look at the picture below.

Blackberry Virtual Expert

Installing Blackberry Virtual Expert

1. Download the Application From Appworld
2. Run the Application after Installing Finish
3. After it is running there will be three option to choose like Display Test, Audio test and Keyboard Test, choose one to run the test.

One it finish you can see the result of the test 

It will be easy to determine your Blackberry whether it is on good condition or not before sending it for repair or bought a new one...Cheers

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Blackberry Coffee New Comers

This Blackberry Coffee has been heard recently but there are no official news when it will be release for public. this smartphone will have qwerty keyboard on it.

even that there are no official news when it will be release, but amazingly on ebay it has been shows for sale complete with the price it self. here are the look of this new Blackberry Coffee.

Blackberry Coffee
Blackberry Coffee OS

 Blackberry Coffee Front Looks

This sale blackberry has white color, and from the specification we can see that it is used 10.2.1 operating system.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Unresolved Channel Java Nio Exception Error


I often got this messaged from Blackberry , usually when i tried to open twitter or twitpic on my Blackberry Smartphones, this is some information given from Blackberry Knowledge Base :

“java.nio.channels.UnresolvedAddressException” error displays on the BlackBerry smartphone when using the Browser to access a secure web site?

According to Blackberry, those messages appear when you are using BES-Blackberry Enterprise Services when you are visiting secure site with the addresses https://, have you make sure that your BES setting is right ?

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server MDAT logs show the following lines:

The root cause is you have tried to open a secure website which has not been registered in Domain Name Services ( DNS ).
Or it might be because of MDS Connection Service on your Blackberry is wrong by proxy mapping.
To fix this issue try this :
1. Make sure you have type a right domain name and site
2. Make sure MDS Connection Service Setting has been setting up on the right manner for you whose using BES.
3. If this error messages keep appear try to re install your Twitter application or use ubersocial application instead.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Error Blackberry Camera Fixing

This messages suddenly appears on your Blackberry when you are in a hurry on taking some important picture, I know it will make you very angry and wanted to throw your Blackberry away, but please try this useful tips before do it. If it is not working then you can do it that way.
Common root cause of this issue is because your blackberry having problem with the operating system. Try this to fix it
  • 1.Reboot your Blackberry, let your blackberry reboot by pulling out the battery, give around 20 minutes time for your blackberry for rebooting, and try to use your Blackberry Camera.
  • 2.Wipe Your Blackberry, if the first tips is not working  then try to wipe your Blackberry, probably there an error on your blackberry file system, so wiping your device might Help
  • 3. If this two tips is not working too, try to re install your Blackberry OS to A new Operating system.

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How to restore your forgotten Blackberry ID

By using newest Appworld, you have to use Blackberry ID and Password to login into this Application. Blackberry ID is very useful for Blackberry user because All emails, setting, downloaded application will be store in Blackberry ID. So for your who has the habit on keep changing a sim card or travel abroad rapidly and use a local sim card. You do not have to re-setup email account and others when you changing your sim card or using a new devices. You just need to login into Blackberry ID and all setting will be restored automatically.
But, we are having problem sometime because we are not often login into Blackberry ID, this potentially make the user on forgotten password that ever made. So this this is the tips to restore your password if you forgot it.

Restore Blackberry ID, Password Blackberry ID
Forgotten Blackberry ID

So, if you forgot your password, follow this step to restore your forgotten Blackberry ID.

First, make sure you have login with the right password and user name,  check whether you have enter the right number or alphabet, check the keypad or try to re-input to make sure.
But if you still cannot remember:
1. At the first time you login to Appworld, click “ Forgot Password “
2. When Blackberry user ID appear, click username or Email address that you use
3. When there is a Password Recovery Question, input the answer, if the answer is correct then you can directly change the password.
And again, if the recovery question is also wrong input and you had forgotten the answer, try use web browser from your desktop to retrieve the password/click forgot password. From your desktop, you don’t have to fill the answer for “Password Recovery Question “
1. Open your web browser from your desktop
3. Click link forgot password, fill the email addresses or your Blackberry ID and captcha, click send
4. Login and check your email through web browser (not blackberry browser) and click those links from your web browser
5. You will be redirected to reset and fill the new password

If these tips are not working then you need to make a new Blackberry ID Account which is free of charge. Cheers
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