Monday, July 27, 2015

Six strategies to have your Smartphone Well Protected

Use this Six strategies to Protect your Smartphone Data :

1. Work with a Pass code or PIN: A GREEN or even private data could keep others coming from unlocking your current system.
2. Use Data encryption: Encryption scrambles mobile phone files then it can’t become study by means of unauthorized end users. Iphones encrypt files by default after you first turn on any Pass code. With Google android products, an individual usually have to show with encryption independently.
3. Look at authorization requests: Numerous apps, especially with Google android, ask for much more permissions in comparison with many people necessarily will need. With Iphones, it is possible to block apps’ usage of certain features or even files. With Google android, you might have for you to purely avoid selected apps.
4. Remain of using authorize apps shops: Most of Smartphones malware is being distributed via third-party app shops.
5. Utilize ‘find my personal phone’ features: such as Locate My personal iPhone on Apple, and you can search Android Apps on Play store, this could protect your file also if you lost your Smartphone accidentally.
6. Operate anti-virus computer software: It might come along with the Smartphone Itself or you can choose the best suitable one from the Apps Shop.

Six strategies to Protect your Smartphone Data
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Monday, July 20, 2015

Overheating on Xiaomi Mi4 i

Xiaomi’s smartphones trend to heat up a lot, and that is not because the company does something. It has more to do with the battery and the processor that is being used. The latest phone, i.e. the Xiaomi Mi 4i continues with it, and it as well heats to an extent that people are already complaining about it. From the Flipkart reviews to actual reviews from publications, we see mentions about the heating of the smartphone. Why is the Xiaomi Mi 4i heating a lot? read below to know.

Why XIAOMI 4i Overheating ?

Overheating Xiaomi Mi4i
Snapdragon 615 is the major problem – It has been a problem with heat up of devices since the introduction. Yu Yureka heated up, then the HTC Desire 820 heated up similarly and then we saw Oppo R5 heating to the same extent. Why blame just the phone when the chipset is causing the problem? The Xiaomi Mi 4i has the same processor but a second gen. one, which is said to heat lesser. But that is not the case.

We used the Mi 4i with background apps including games that were not cleared from multitasking and that led to the phone heat up in a few minutes. While gaming, the phone heats up because the dissipation of heat generated by both, the processor and battery is not proper. That is probably because there is no way the heat can easily go out.

Tips How to fix Xiaomi Mi 4i Overheating ?

  • To fix that, the first thing is that you don’t try and use the camera app and games much under the sunlight. That is harsh truth because the heat outside makes the phone even more hotter than what it could usually be when gaming.
  • Next, keep a check on the background apps and give a minimum load on the processor and RAM when you are not actually using some heavy apps and they are running in the background.
  • Never use the phone when charging it. The Mi 4i supports quick charging and it tends to heat up when charging, so if you are using it, you are worsening it by even hitting the overall life of the battery.
  • Don’t keep GPS on always. Try using the battery saving mode on GPS because we are not looking saving battery, but when the GPS is not taken advantage of, you shouldn’t use it with the high accuracy mode
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Fixing Error USSD at ROM 5.7.9 Redmi Note 3G

When you are asking to update ROM Version from 5.6.9 to 5.7.9 then you will find a message saying that USSD of SIM 1 will be out error "Unfortunately , the process has stopped " if the problem continues when you are using the latest ROM version 5.7.9. To resolve this issue. you can try it on your device but make sure that you have Backup al of your important data before.

Change TeleService.apk of rom 5.6.9 to rom 5.7.9 :

- Download TeleService.apk rom 5.6.9
- Open Root Explorer (Make sure it gets Root Access on Security)
- Backup files TeleService.apk rom 5.7.9 (If you want to update to the latest version is returned again if update process error or failed)
- Copy paste TeleService.apk rom 5.6.9 to system/ priv-app
- Replace set his permission to rw-r--r--
- Then restart
- Now you can check USSD normally again (Watch Screenshot Before and After).

USSD Error Redmi Note 3G

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

BBM Always on " XIAOMI "

To have your BBM Application always ON on your Xiaomi, then you need to run this application keep run on background, to make this happen on your Xiaomi, then here are some tips to be done .

1. Choose Security
2. Go to permission
3. Manage Apps Permission
4. Select BBM
5. Checklist Trust This Application
6. Checklist Auto Start

BBM Always ON " XIAOMI "

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Monday, July 6, 2015

MIUI Global For Redmi Note 3G-4G Dual SIM

1st Step is downloaded the file from, once the downloaded done follow the step below :

1. Make sure you back up your Xiaomi
2. Copy the files to the MicroSD
3. Remove the MicroSD
4. Wipe Xiaomi from Recovery Mode
5. Do the Factory Reset
6. Installed the ROM by doing :

a. Bring the download file out of folder
b. Rename the file to
c. Power off the Mobile and go to Recovery Mode
d. Start Installed the ROM , refer to below picture for more understanding.

MIUI 6 ROM Installation

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

IOS 8 tips and tricks for Smartphone

IOS 8 tips and tricks are very useful if you want do it in your smartphone. IOS is an operation system in your apple smartphone and it has good system and design, also it is easy to use. As smartphone user, you should know what you can do for your smartphone so it will make you easier to use your smartphone. First trick is making your text bigger than usual so you can read the text easier. All you just need is go to setting, tap Display & Bright, and tap again the text size. You can adjust the text size however you like.

The second IOS 8 tips and tricks are getting your visual alerts. You just turn “LED Flash for Alerts” on for visual notification whenever your smartphone is locked or standby. All you just need is go to settings, go to general, and tap accessibility. Well, this trick is my favorite one. You can see your photos on every device of your smartphone. All you just need is got to settings, go to photos and camera, and turn on iCloud photo library. You have someone you don’t like and want to block his or her messages? Well, this trick will help you so much if you want to block unwanted messages from someone who you don’t want to receive with. You need to block the message you just get by tap details, and press “I” symbol and choose block this caller to stop their message and their calls option.

In these tips, we have some favorite that can make you enjoy using your smartphone. The first tip is adding audio clips to your messages. If you are too lazy to type the message, you can send your voice to your friend by speaks into your smartphone and it is easier for you to send message. It looks like voice note in android operation system in android smartphone. You can add a voice of yours so it can make the receiver hear what you are saying. And that`s all my IOS 8 tips and tricks. Hope it will help you to use smartphone better.

IOS 8 Tips and Tricks

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Worst Bugs in Android 5.0 Lollipop in Your Smartphone

Worst bugs in android 5.0 lollipop is very annoying when you have smartphone and like to use it every day in your every activities.  In this era, we can`t live without technology and we need every information which exist in this world so we need smartphone in our live. There are many smartphone was produced and some smartphones have bugs when they are using some applications in their smartphone. Sometimes, bugs came in time when we are using our application in our smartphone and it can make us very upset. Usually, these bugs can be found in android operation system especially in 5.0 lollipop version.

There are some worst bugs in android 5.0 lollipop in our smartphone like Wi-Fi issues, battery issues, lagging and crashing, video playback, and many more. If you have these problems, don’t be panic because we can fix it if we know how to do it. Well, One of our problem is When we are connecting Wi-Fi and want to surfing internet, but we can`t online and we do not know what is the problem. It is bugs inside lollipop in your smartphone. We can fix it by forget the network in your Wi-Fi network list, and then try to reconnect the network. Usually, it works for me if it is happening in my smartphone. If you still can`t fix it, try to uninstall your older application and re-download it again.

Bug on Android Lollipop 5.0
Second problem is battery issue, which is bug in your battery system on your smartphone. You can see the bug when you use your smartphone and it is draining faster than usual so your smartphone always get low-battery notification. It is annoying when you don’t have enough battery power and you want to use application in your smartphone. It is annoying when you don’t have enough battery power and you want to use application in your smartphone. You can fix it by uninstall recent application in your smartphone and re-download it again so your battery smartphone will not draining fast. So that is Worst bugs in android 5.0 lollipop and how fix the problems
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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Take a Look at Record Screen on Android Lollipop

Record screen on Android Lollipop is something that people want to know about since the application is really helpful for business people or people who often go outside. So, if there is someone who needs his or her direction but he or she is not around then they can just do screen casts from their android especially Android Lollipop. You can just record your activity on the camera with the particular application that is free; moreover, there is no root that you have to worry about.

When you want to Record screen on Android Lollipop then you need to follow these steps. First; you have to open Google play then choose free lollipop screen recorder application on the top list. Click the application and choose install, don’t forget to accept all the permissions. Choose the installed application on your android. Second; you can easily use the application, however you need to consider about changing the resolution to reduce the video size. You also need to consider about the mode of the recorded whether it’s portrait or landscape by turn the android in horizontal or vertical position. The last thing that you have to consider is to enable the microphone if you want to order the task properly.

The third steps; you can record your move with press the circular icon at the top of the screen. Don’t forget to tap the box which has “don’t show again” message since the application will record everything on the screen if you don’t do. Fourth; if you want to stop the recording, you just have to click stop on screen. Fifth; if you want to see the recorded, you just have to open the lollipop screen recorder then you can see it on the main menu, that’s all about how to try record screen on Android Lollipop.

Recording Screen on Android Lollipop

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Let’s try How to Switch from IOS to Android

How to switch from IOS to android becomes something that people who have both devices think about. Moreover, if they want to transfer the data that they have in one device to another, it is surely take time and effort. One of the reasons why people want to transfer their data is because they change their IOS phone to android. So, for people who change their phone they need to do some work when they want to transfer the data or the file.

How to Switch Android to IOS

You need to read information about how to switch from IOS to android carefully if you don’t want to lose your data or your file. Data or file that you can transfer from IOS phone to android is photos, music, calendar, and contacts. If you’re smart phone or android doesn’t provide migration software then you need to do the data transfer manually.

Transferring data or files especially for contacts from IOS phone to android need some steps. The first step is sign up to Google account, if you don’t have Google account but if you have one then you can just sign. If you already synced your contacts with Gmail then the contacts will directly transfer to your android. However, if you don’t sync the contacts, then you have to connect to the internet and open After that you have to enter your ID and password, and then click contacts in the main page, click wheel icon in the lower left corner and then click select all also click export vCard.  The contacts will be sent to your Gmail account, all you have to do open your account, and then import the contacts. As for other data like calendar, music, and photos, you can try to move use application from Google play store. That’s all about how to switch from IOS to android.

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Try to Add Recycle Bin Feature on Android

Add recycle bin feature on android will surely help when we delete a file or data by mistake. The function of the recycle bin is to restore the data that we have been deleted but unfortunately there is no recycle bin on android. However, you can download or get the application that has function just like a recycle bin on PC for your android. The recycle bin for android is called dumpster, an application from android that works as a backup by keeping the deleted data or files and you can restore them whenever you want.

Android is really popular nowadays since you can do everything with this device. It works like computer and phone at the same time that will really help people who busy and often go travelling. It makes them don’t have to bring their laptop; they just need to bring the android. The problem only comes when you delete a data or files that you actually still need. This device don’t have recycle bin like PC, but you don’t have to worry since now you can add recycle bin feature on android that really easy to download.

Here are steps if you want to download dumpster for your android. First; you have to download and install dumpster app on your android. After the app installed, launch it and accept the terms and conditions that you have read. Next, you have to select the types of the file that you want to recover when it’s deleted or just choose select all. Secure the apps from unauthorized access with lock screen option, and then choose disable special offer option. Click next, the download is done and you can enter the application. You can restore the deleted file; you just have to choose the file then click restore. That’s about how to add recycle bin feature on android.

Added Recyle BIN on Android

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